Unfinished Hard Maple

Maine Traditions uses only the finest Hard Maple, harvested from the slow-growth forests of northern New England.

Both elegant and durable, Maine Traditions Hard Maple flooring is renowned for its consistent color and grain.

 Available in 2 1/4", 3 1/4", & 4" widths.

Select & Better Grade – Our Select & Better grade unfinished flooring is produced to promote the true quality of Red Oak and Hard Maple. This grade features clear sapwood, with only slight variations in color, consistent grain. Select & Better grade allows for a few solid pin knots 1/16 inch or smaller, occasional mineral streaks not to exceed 1/16 inch, with subtle sugar streaks not to exceed three inches in length. Bark streaks are not acceptable.

2nd Grade – Our unfinished 2nd Grade Hard Maple flooring is produced to promote character, while maintaining quality. Developing heartwood and color variations throughout, slight sticker stain color variations allowed, solid knots up to ½” (not on edges of boards), solid mineral streaks allowed, slight surface checks allowed as long as they can be touched up during the normal smoothing process of the floor when laid. Rot, splits and deep checks are not allowed.  

Rustic Grade in our unfinished Hard Maple includes significant variations in grain and color, with pronounced character. Solid or filled knots, checks, pith, bark and mineral streaks are typically present.