In recent years, our engineers have developed technologies and processes for improved quality, consistency and durability, as well as new product lines and contemporary finishes and colors.


TEMAVI® is a revolutionary re-invention of the traditional tongue & groove joint...
State-of-the-art TEMAVI cutting tools create a unique profile which allows boards to slip together easily, yet virtually locks them into place upon installation. Milled to incomparably close tolerances, the TEMAVI joint profiles ensure a more uniform surface, reduced waste and fool-proof ease of assembly.  Homeowners can count on incredibly stable floors that will perform quietly and reliably for many years to come.

Ask your retailer for a demonstration of the patented TEMAVI system!  You will soon see why Kennebec Lumber Company has made TEMAVI the only tongue & groove profile used on all of our Maine Traditions solid hardwood flooring.

Nano PLUS:

Nano PLUSTM high-tech UV cured polyurethane finish offers both durability and beauty. With a lustrous medium-gloss sheen, this finish enhances the wood's natural color and accentuates its beautiful grain. In addition to its beauty, Nano PLUSTM provides a durable wear-resistant surface that is flexible and resilient. Nano PLUSTM finish is formulated with a UV protectant that minimizes sunlight's color-altering effects. And this finish is also hypoallergenic and is easy to maintain.

Camden Collection Engineered Hardwood: 

Maine Traditions Camden Collection of engineered hardwood flooring – an innovative product consisting of a high-quality 7-ply clear birch backer with a 2mm sawn veneer. The Camden Collection features impressive 7.5" wide planks lightly wirebrushed. Inspired by New England coastal living, the floors in the Camden Collection are perfect for open, contemporary homes and are sure to enhance their owners’ casual lifestyles. 

The innovative Camden Collection of Engineered Hardwood Flooring is ideal for installations throughout your entire home–whether above, at or below grade–even in those areas with challenging climate conditions, such as basements. Camden Collection floors are the best hardwood solution for homes with today's sub-floor radiant heat, which utilizes PVC plastic heat exchange tubing either installed below the sub-floor or embedded in a concrete slab. The distributed heat rises and warms the room. However, frequent heat fluctuations, as well as natural humidity changes can be brutal on solid hardwood, causing it to expand, contract, bow or cup. By virtually eliminating the unstable properties inherent with most solid hardwood, Maine Traditions® Camden Collection engineered flooring provides the distinctive, desirable appearance of natural hardwood without the risk of bowing, cupping or virtually any other sort of dimensional distortion. Of course, these versatile floors are perfect when installed in less challenging environments in your home, as well. With its 50-year residential warranty, you can expect many years of enjoyment from your beautiful new Camden Collection floor, regardless of its location.