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Available Grades and Stain Colors

Shown here are your options for the various hardwood flooring grades and stains offered by Maine Traditions. Swatches shown are actual photos of boards in our popular 3 1⁄4" width.

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LEED Certification

Information about how our products help to meet LEED Building projects meet their certification standards.

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Classic Collection Installation Guide

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Camden Collection Guides

 Installation Guide

Care Guide

In order to maintain your hardwood floor and keep its beauty and value follow the simple steps in our care guide download.

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Traditional Prefinished Hardwood Moldings

In many floor covering applications we encounter areas that require a transition piece to match up two different styles or elevations of floor. We offer a complete set of matching transition moldings and stair treads that are prefinished and match the grade of floor, including the stain color, that you are looking at.

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Flooring Grades


Premium Grade – This grade shows all the modern clean, clear attributes of the very best hardwood, with minimal color and grain variations.  During the production process the Premium grade is selected by eliminating boards with character or darker heartwood, producing a grade that shows only an occasional mineral streak or pin knot. These minor streaks and knots are minimized to ensure the quality you expect with a premium floor.

Coastal Grade – Our Coastal grade provides a great option for those looking for intriguing color contrasts, character, natural mineral streaks, and varying grain patterns.  Coastal grade is often chosen just to provide diversity in the appearance of the hardwood floor.  It’s also a very popular grade for those wanting to pull colors together in a room, from the walls through the furniture and floor coverings. The varying colors and grain patterns found in each hardwood species are brought to life in this proprietary Maine Traditions grade.

Antique Grade – A grade unique to Maine Traditions, our Antique grade is produced by using the entire run of lumber, combining our Premium and Coastal grades together in each carton.  This blending of grades allows the true flavor of the hardwood to come out, with very rich color and grain contrast.

Natural Grade – Utilizing the entire run of Hickory, we produce this grade to promote better length. Natural Grade exhibits some color variation, with solid character.  Natural Grade shows the true character, color, and grain patterns of the Hickory species.  Includes all clear sapwood, developing heartwood, a few solid knots up to ½", with voids up to ¼" filled. 

Live Sawn –  The live-sawn method incorporates all of the natural character of the tree from which it was cut – showcasing the full spectrum of red oak’s color and grain variations, including knots, checks, pith, and intriguing mineral streaks. 


Select & Better – Our Select & Better grade unfinished flooring is produced to promote the true quality of Red Oak and Hard Maple.  This grade features clear sapwood, with only slight variations in color, consistent grain. Select & Better grade allows for a few solid pin knots 1⁄16 inch or smaller, occasional mineral streaks not to exceed 1⁄16 inch, with subtle sugar streaks not to exceed three inches in length. Bark streaks are not acceptable.

2nd Grade / #1 Common – Our 2nd grade/#1 Common Red Oak or Hard Maple is produced to promote character, but maintain quality. Developing heartwood and color variations throughout, slight sticker stain color variations allowed, solid knots up to ½" (not on edges of boards), solid mineral streaks allowed, slight surface checks allowed as long as they can be touched up during the normal smoothing process of the floor when laid. Rot, splits and deep checks are not allowed.