Unfinished Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch is rapidly gaining in popularity among designers, homeowners and installation professionals alike.

This beautiful Northern Hardwood features distinctive grain, beautiful color and a truly warm appeal.

Unfinished Yellow Birch installs easily, sands and takes stain (see photos of stained yellow birch) and finishes more readily than many hardwoods. Available in 2 1/4", 3 1/4", & 4" widths.

Our Select & Better Grade Yellow Birch features mostly clear lumber with subtle color variations and grain, occasional small solid knots and a few narrow mineral streaks.

Our Second Grade may include more variation and contrast in color, tone and grain, with a few more pronounced knots and natural mineral streaks. This less formal look is preferred by many homeowners. 

Yellow Birch - Coastal Grade - Clear UV

Yellow Birch - Coastal Grade - Chestnut Stain

Yellow Birch - Coastal Grade - Sand Stain

Yellow Birch - Coastal Grade - Columbian Stain