Wirebrushed White Oak 7.5'' Boardwalk

Wirebrushed White Oak 7.5'' Breakwater

Wirebrush/Whitewashed 7.5'' Driftscape Stain

Wirebrushed White Oak 7.5'' Shell

Wirebrush/Whitewashed 7.5'' Sea Salt

Wirebrushed White Oak 7.5'' Sandstone

Wirebrush/Whitewashed 7.5'' Rock Cliff

Wirebrush/Whitewashed 7.5'' Harbor Mist

NEW Engineered White Oak - Camden Collection

Wirebrushed/Whitewashed 7.5" Wide Planks, with choice of eight stains.

Introducing the exciting new Camden Collection of engineered White Oak floors. Produced in impressive 7.5" wide planks and lightly wirebrushed, this new collection includes several floors that are also finished with a subtle, yet distinctive whitewash. Inspired by New England coastal living, the floors in the Camden Collection are perfect for open, contemporary homes and are sure to enhance their owners’ casual lifestyles.