Live-Sawn Red Oak, Moose

Rangeley Live-Sawn Red Oak, Moose Stain, Wirebrushed, 5"

Live-Sawn Red Oak, Fawn

Rangeley Live-Sawn Red Oak, Fawn Stain, Wirebrushed, 5"

Live-Sawn Red Oak, Driftwood

Rangeley Live-Sawn Red Oak, Driftwood Stain, Wirebrushed, 5"

Live-Sawn Red Oak, Clear UV

Rangeley Live-Sawn Red Oak, Clear UV, Wirebrushed, 5"

Rangeley Collection Live-Sawn Red Oak

Wirebrushed, 5" Wide Planks, with choice of three stains and matte UV finish or only our Nano Plus clear matte UV finish.

Live-sawing is actually the oldest, most traditional method of cutting lumber, but its popularity waned about a century ago. At last, Maine Traditions has revived this time-tested sawing technique for the introduction of our Live-Sawn Rangeley Collection. The rough lumber used to create the Rangeley Collection is parallel cut in the traditional “live-sawn” method used in past centuries. In simple terms, when we live-saw a log, we start at one side, and work our way through to the other. This results in a natural mix of boards–plain sawn first, then rift sawn, and quarter sawn boards from nearest the middle of the log. The Rangeley Collection of Live-Sawn Red Oak flooring features a wire-brushed face which lends subtle texture and depth, leaving the impression that the flooring has gently weathered over the years.  And to further enhance these handsome floors, we have applied our proprietary Nano PLUS Matte UV finish. Fitting into almost any décor – a rustic lodge cottage, a modern kitchen, or nearly any application that calls for a truly distinctive look – these handsome floors lend themselves to casual, livable homes, old house restorations and even the most contemporary homes.